Wild Mushroom Retreats

We just got a chance to read this blog a friend of ours did after attending our first ever Summer Wild Mushroom Retreat. We really enjoyed the article and we think you will too!

We would love to be able to offer Spring (Morels!), Summer, & Autumn Wild Mushroom Retreats, but many such events we've scheduled have been cancelled due to uncooperative timing of the rains! So here's what we're doing now: We're not actually scheduling any dates or accepting any registrations, but we're hoping that we'll have enough rain to allow us to announce dates for such forays a week or two beforehand. Which means you'll want to make sure you're on our emailing list so that you'll be notified as soon as we know! Be sure we have both your email and phone number and we'll let you know as soon as we do when these might happen.

For general reference, IF they happen, it would be:

- Spring (focused on Morels, primarily) - Mid to Late April

- Summer (focused on Chanterelles, primarily but also including Boletes, Indigo Milkys & Chicken-of-the-Woods, among others) - July

- Autumn (Chicken-of-the-Woods, Puffballs, Coral Fungi, etc) - Late September/Early October

Should the rains/mushrooms cooperate, programs will include an afternoon of hiking around on our property, hunting & identifying as many edible wild mushrooms as possible (ID and discussion of other wild edibles as well); a full vegetarian meal (prepared in our kitchen & wood-fired bake oven, and featuring plenty of wild mushrooms!); wildflower viewing, farm tour, discussion of mushroom cultivation & marketing and mushroom preservation. . . and literature, recipes & fresh mushrooms to take home with you!




Prize specimins picked from our front yard!
white morels (the largest we have around here) gathered from the white
pine grove in our front yard



Maitake fruiting at the base of an oak tree

A sampling of different varieties of Morel Mushrooms
a sampling of some of the varieties of morels
that inhabit our woods 



Shaggy-Stalked Bolete


Wild Oyster Mushrooms

5 kinds of Chanterelles

Cauliflower Mushroom

Lion's Mane