Organic Gardening Workshop

Saturday, September 15th

For registration information, please email us at and we will send you all the details!

a raised bed of young garlic

This will be an all-day intensive look into the methods and materials used to grow your own food without conventional chemical fertilizers, pesticides, etc.  Subjects covered will include: composting, growing in raised beds, lasagna gardening, cold frames winter gardening, shade-house summer salad greens production, beneficial insect promotion, companion planting, mulching, & gardening by the Moon.

For many years we have been growing for our own use and for market a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs and mushrooms.  We are committed permaculturists with a passion for fresh, home-grown foods and a desire to share our knowledge with others.  You will have the opportunity to see our garden in its prime, with maximum diversity of foods. 

The Garden Beds - our raised beds, cloches and hoophouse
our terraced garden in winter

inside the hoop house... in winter time!

You will also get to sample a wide variety of fresh produce as we will be feasting on a full Vegetarian meal, prepared by hand in our kitchen, featuring foods straight from the garden!   Our pond will also be available for swimming.

The garden in Autumn