Meet the Family

Jane with a bountiful harvest of delicious
chicken-of-the-woods mushrooms

Jane Post has been a Massage Therapist for almost 20 years, a Tai Chi instructor & Martial Artist for almost 30 years and a Culinary Artist and Gardener for most of her life. She has been living in the Berea area since 1974 when she came here to attend Berea College and study ceramics. She loves cooking with and hunting for wild mushrooms, organic gardening and gathering all kinds of wild edibles.

Her husband Tim Hensley is a horselogger, farmer, mushroom enthusiast and woodsman who has been in the Berea area since 1988. He has been marketing their home-grown and wildcrafted mushrooms and managing their well-diversified organic farming operation for around 15 years.

Tim Hensley
Tim innoculating oak logs with Shiitake mushroom spawn

Their farm is located amidst over 200 acres of unspoiled Appalachian forest in the Foothills east of Berea, Kentucky. Their property includes a rich diversity of plant and animal species, and is managed as a wildlife preserve. Incredible displays of wildflowers color the hillsides in spring, an amazing variety of wild mushrooms bloom there virtually year-round, and the woods and forest edges abound with wild foods of all kinds. The half-acre, spring-fed pond above the gardens provides both irrigation and delightful swimming throughout the growing season. Their cabin at the end of the road surrounded by beautiful forest and just 15 minutes outside of Berea provides an idyllic getaway and something of a window to days gone by. Come spend a day with us; letting our experience, our home, our farm and forest feed your mind, body & soul. You will be glad you did--guaranteed!