Other Services We Offer


We are open to custom designing workshops & retreats for self-organizing groups! Please contact us to find out more.

And Tim has been a popular guest speaker at a variety of gatherings in recent years, and may be available to do a presentation for your group on subjects including gourmet mushroom cultivation, edible wild mushrooms, wild foods foraging (aka “wildcrafting”), and creative marketing for your agricultural operation. Fees start at $200+expenses for a 2 hour talk, assuming you're within reasonable driving distance.

Tim is also available for consulting on site or via telephone/email for wild mushroom identification and mushroom cultivation. If you have decent photos of wild mushrooms (including the underside of the mushroom, as well as the setting where it was found) and can email them to us, if it's one he's familiar with, he can help identify it! And if we've had a rainy spell that brings on lots of interesting wild fungi that you'd like him to help you ID, he might be persuaded to come visit your property and help you learn about Mother Nature's fungal abundance! Phone/email ID services are FREE, and site visits will only cost if we don't find enough marketable mushrooms to compensate Tim for his effort. Cost would be based on travel distance and time spent on site.