Natural Building Workshops

We don't anticipate doing any Natural Building Workshops this season, but check out what our friends Ziggy & April at The Year of Mud are offering nearby.

Here are some of the natural building projects we've completed here on our place. . .

Cabin Stove
Installing the earthen sub-floor, which is basically a 3-inch thick layer of cob, during a work party

The cob bench built during The Year of Mud's Cob Building Workshop
a couple of years ago.

“The Chanterelle Shack” – our new straw bale house -- with earthen plaster base coat in place, still awaiting the finish coat. Click here for a great photo album Ziggy has put together, documenting the project.

Below is a version of the Cabin Stove (designed by Max Edleson) similar to the one Mark Mazziotti helped us build last fall during our Natural Building Workshop; instead of the brick bench pictured here, during the workshop we made the attached heated bench out of cob. Click here for photos Mark took of our Cabin Stove being built.

Photos courtesy of Norbert Senf - for more on this version, click here.

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